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論文タイトルTransition of Patients with Childhood-onset Rheumatic Diseases to Adult Medical Care in Japan
著者:Takako Miyamae and Yuki Bando

論文タイトルThe Prevention of the New Onset of Heart Failure in Hypertensive Patients
著者:Shunsuke Kiuchi and Takanori Ikeda

論文タイトルThe Versatile Role of Uromodulin in Renal Homeostasis and Its Relevance in Chronic Kidney Disease
著者:Tomoaki Takata and Hajime Isomoto

論文タイトルGastroesophageal Reflux Disease: Pathophysiology and New Treatment Trends
著者:Kunio Kasugai and Naotaka Ogasawara

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